Public Safety


The increased globalization of the economy means more people are on the move, working and living outside of their countries of birth to places where opportunities exist. At the same time, business travel is also on the increase as executives and entrepreneurs seek out new markets and opportunities. All these require that countries manage their borders well. Countries need to clear the daily traffic across checkpoints, control contraband, collect duties, and ensure that undesirable elements are kept out. NEC XON offers a variety of time-tested solutions to handle these issues. Over the years, NEC XON has developed a wide breadth of manual and automated border control solutions leveraging on its proprietary leading-edge biometric technologies.


Public law and order is essential in ensuring that citizens and investors always feel safe. This is an area in which NEC XON has many decades of experience working with the police, prisons, and judicial systems of different countries in Asia and around the world.

One key technology offered by NEC XON is an automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS). Fast and accurate (NEC XON’s biometrics algorithms have been validated as the best in the industry through comprehensive testing by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology), NEC XON’s AFIS has been deployed in over 30 countries. In addition to its facial recognition system, NEC XON is able to provide a solution that law enforcement officials can rely upon to manage physical access, identify criminals, as well as exonerate the innocent.


Aiming to more positively engage their citizens and deliver improved services, many governments are now adopting ICT (information and communication technologies) in carrying out government functions and services. With this increasing dependence on new technologies, however, modern societies have become highly vulnerable to digital disruptions caused by cyber-attacks, which in turn lead to disruptions in vital services. NEC XON offers solutions to government to shield itself from the threat of digital paralysis.

Another important challenge is the vulnerability of the population to disease outbreaks brought about by the increase in population density. With less spatial barriers to overcome, spread of diseases has become much faster in densely populated cities. Thus, a safe city is not merely one that is free from security incidents, but governments also need to ensure that its residents are kept safe from different kinds of foreseeable harm. Over the years, NEC XON has developed a number of solutions that address these safety concerns through a multifaceted approach.


Vital installations that require heightened security are found in any city. Facilities such as power generation plants, telecommunication exchange stations, and water supply facilities are critical elements of a city’s infrastructure. Disruptions to these installations pose a massive impact on society, which is why it is important to ensure that these places are well protected.


Information technology plays a vital role in ensuring security. Heightened dependence on advanced technologies, however, has rendered modern, connected societies highly vulnerable to threats in the virtual world. These threats are real and if not managed competently may endanger the proper functioning and security of cities and countries. NEC XON offers a complete array of solutions to governments and enterprises to protect themselves from the threats of digital disruption.

By leveraging on the right solutions, governments will be forewarned of security threats and can thus make preparations to face these threats. Forewarning, however, can only be made possible by having the necessary data and the ability to analyze the data.

Together with our partners, NEC XON offers more typical IT security solutions, such as network security implementations that set up firewalls, intrusion-detection sensors, and intrusion-prevention measures. Hardening networks to prevent hacking or virus attacks is a field in which NEC XON has extensive experience


All cities are in one way or another vulnerable to some form of disaster. In particular, cities that are located in seismically active regions are vulnerable to earthquakes and volcanoes, while others are vulnerable to hurricanes, typhoons, floods, or tsunamis. Therefore, emergency and disaster management, which consist both of pre-emergency and post-emergency measures, are important components of maintaining safety and security.
NEC XON has solutions that cover the various sensors needed in gathering information on disasters and emergencies, such as surveillance cameras, water level gauges, rain gauges, and seismometers. All these data can be fed to a command centre that is able to acquire and process the data in a timely fashion. If an evacuation is needed, an announcement utilizing different communication channels can be made from the command centre, involving different agencies, such as police, fire brigade, the army, hospitals, and the like to save people’s lives. This coordinated response requires inter-agency collaboration between different parts of government. NEC XON has a suite of solutions that facilitate such collaboration, enabling governments to swing quickly into the recovery stage following a disaster.


With increasing urbanization, our cities are growing larger, more complex and less safe. Governments and city planners must be prepared for a wide variety of threats to public safety, ranging from terrorism to natural disasters. As cities become more densely populated, authorities must also look for solutions to improve the quality of city living.

The ability to collect data and extract information from it provides tremendous potential to make cities safer and more livable. We now have the technological capacity to collect enormous amounts of intelligence about our environment and to mine it for patterns and correlations that will guide emergency responses and improvements to key city services.