NEC XON Infrastructure comprises out of three comprehensive service offerings.

The first service comprises of certified tiered Data Centre solutions that closely co-ordinate facilities, information technology and structures cabling designs for complete buildings with the aim of maximising computing uptime, availability, storage and networking resources while minimising the unnecessary power consumption within the IT Data Centre environment.

The second component consists of an electrical planning, design and implementation solution that includes power distribution throughout new or existing buildings, campuses and Data Centre environments. This includes all energy devices such as UPS’s, generators and alternative energy sources. NEC XON will also ensure that future capacity planning for new technologies and growth within the environment is available to ensure unnecessary waste of available input current. XON can also ensure that all solutions will have effective monitoring and management to enable full reports for all role players.

The third component is fully integrated Electronic Security Solutions consisting out of access control and CCTV solutions. In today’s increasingly regulated and compliance hungry environments, organisations can hugely benefit by implementing reliable, viable and proven solutions for all their security requirements.