NEC XON is the amalgamation of XON and NEC Africa. XON a successful and renowned Systems Integrator has been providing custom ICT solutions and security services in Southern Africa since 1996. NEC Africa is the African business of the global technology giant NEC Corporation, which implemented its first communication solution in Africa in 1963. NEC Africa was established in 2011 in order to better support NEC’s ICT and public safety customers.

Kapela Holdings, XON’s B-BBEE partner since 2012, continues as NEC XON’s B-BBEE partner in South Africa. Israel Skosana, Executive Chairman of Kapela Holdings, remains as chairman of the NEC XON Board of Directors.

NEC generates global revenues in excess of $30 billion by orchestrating a brighter world for public entities, enterprises, telecoms carriers through the provision of system platforms and turnkey solutions for its customers.

The combined operations of NEC XON seek to develop and support opportunities for safe cities, energy, cyber security, telecommunication solutions, retail, managed services, cyber defence and cloud (both public and private) amongst others in sub-Sahara Africa.

NEC XON maintains its head offices in Gauteng, South Africa with a footprint covering all nine South African provinces and 16 Countries in sub-Saharan Africa.